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Welcome to Alligator Shipping Co. LLC.

Our core business is multimodal transportation and logistics services covering the widest range of cargoes which we send to most parts of the world. We take pride in our worldwide network of partners and affiliates who enable us to provide smooth and seamless transportation services to our customers.

The core philosophy of the company is to address all verticals in the shipping segment, so as to provide holistic shipping services, all under one roof to our clients. We are part of an international network of Freight Forwarders and we can thus handle diverse cargoes in the far corners of the earth, inclusive of regions which may be strife torn at present.

We are a team of highly experienced professionals who served the shipping and transportation industry with dedication and distinction for a very long time. Our long experience helped us to develop very strong relationships with the Exporters, Importers, various Government organizations like Port Authorities, Customs, Chambers, Free Zone Authorities, etc. We leverage this enormous network for the benefit of our customers to provide the finest international transportation and logistics services.

The company consists of a dedicated bunch of experienced professionals and this intangible asset of “people skills” is what we are blessed with, and this is what we consider our core competency.